EURO 2020: 5 points of awesomeness and personality by Mancini’s Italy

A nation with four gold stars on the badge and a European title under its belt. A blue sea of style, passion, tactical ruggedness, and philosophy. This is the story of “ Italy ”, a synonymous name in the footballing world. A giant with a rich history of proving doubters wrong.

But, tides were rough and the shores full of snakes, and come 2018; it seemed the fleet known as “ The Azzurris ”, was going to sink with all its glory taking with it the might of the days of past. They needed strength, they needed solidarity, they needed spirit and above all they needed a leader. Cometh the hour, cometh the man! Step-in Roberto Mancini, the proven statement of a beloved presence.

After hitting an all-time low in their rich history, Mancini achieved what was unthinkable, as recently as 2019. That too, before the eyes of the entire world.

So, here are 5 takeaways from Mancini's men and the example they bought to the table :

1) Get things in motion

From Day One, Mancini has made Italy stand on its feet, starting all over again. It’s notable this was the time of the average footballer, players from mid-table teams making the world know they’re prepared for everything whatever the challenge be. Actions were drastically good and significant.

The result: The Italians fell in love with the team.

2) Dialogue is the key to success

If the above picture makes a gesture, you probably got it right. Roberto Mancini has a scent of an elegant man and the charm of a dear friend. His distinctive man-management skills and comradery with his players made him a popular figure among the general public and his players, the one they believed in. Strong and Direct, with a huge onus on constant dialogue, which breathes positivity in the air. A tactically astute general, with the awareness of making the pieces work in cohesion, and the knowledge of individuals not clicking in harmony.

The result: A well-oiled winning machine.

3) Everbody counts

Mancini has bestowed a belief and dynamics everyone trusts. It is a group of players where it doesn’t matter who plays and who doesn’t. It’s more about knowing their role, the mission, and the goal ahead. Just consider the awesome bonding between reserve goalkeepers Salvatore Sirigu and Alex Meret, of being in constant support to younger sensation Gianluigi Donnarumma in between the sticks, which ultimately led them to jubilant celebrations post-Euro 2020 triumph.

The result: It’s a family of brothers.

4) Experience matters when it’s needed the most

Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini might be in debate for the best pairing in recent times. But, as far as pundits and millennials thinking goes, they’re just too old to be the wall of the nation. But, guess what after a 34 match winning streak and a successful Euro, some people might have to rethink.

The result: Youth is energy but experience gives it stability.

5) We can win

If you were following the news frequently and more interestingly a series run by UEFA known as “ The Contenders ”, where they cover all the participating nations, then you might have observed Italian players emphasizing on them being not afraid and Mancini’s ambition to win the tournament. At first, it might seem a bit exaggerated but post-July 11th that’s definitely not the case. If the tournament gave any indications during its run, then one was definitely that Italy was not afraid to get on the field and get the job done. Even in the final, as the game progressed Italy were the ones who seemed more natural and most likely to win in front of a packed Wembley.

The result: Trusting in their abilities.

But, as the Euros have come to closure with the World Cup next year in 2022, and a newly crowned champion in CONMEBOL, it is to be seen if Mancini and his sea of “ Blue Brigade ”, can turn it around for a 5th star on the beautiful badge!



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